(De)coloniality - Concepts and current debates from an 
interdisciplinary perspective

Our organization has been invited to discuss this topic in the bachelor's program at the University of Innsbruck. Our decolonial approach will focus on pedagogical and cultural aspects and is scheduled for the 16 of May and the 20 of June 2024.

Digital Event

Alternative Approaches to Education: Towards a Decolonial and Community-Oriented Practice from MigrArte Peru e.V. (Berlin, Germany).

How do we perceive education? In curricula and official discourse, what role is given to ancestral wisdom and practices of resistance in territories with colonial histories? How is citizenship shaped for these individuals, and how is their identity formed? What does it mean to decolonize education within European contexts, and what role do migrant organizations, such as MigrArte Peru e.V., play in this process?
Through these questions, we aim to foster a space for discussion and reflection on diverse knowledge and pedagogical approaches discussed in Abya Yala (Latin America) and explore how these can be implemented in the here and now.

When: On Thursday 16 of May 2024. 10 hs.

Speakers: Selva Avendaño & Marita Orbegoso 


Analog Event

Power and Food in Abya Yala: Decolonial Perspectives on food justice and climate crisis.

When: On 20 of June 2024,

Speaker: Ruben Manuel Gonzalez (MigrArte Perú e.V./Intikuren)

Contact: Alexander Botchner